Everybody wants to be a hero! Gwenty is the first card game for mobile devices to let YOU try what it really means to fight epic battles and amazing challenges!
This game wants to mix the classic card game with the art of chess, but without their difficulties and with no necessary knowledge; in a few minutes you'll enter a funny and intriguing world: if you want to become the champion here you just need passion, strategy and perspicacity; that's why this is a game for everyone!

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Do you want to be a sort of medieval knight? Or maybe do you dream about going out at night time flying about like a superhero? Well, we cannot give you exactly that but we can make your dreams seem more real! With Gwenty in fact you can be your own hero creating your Personalized Hero cards! Pick an image, a photo, an illustration or even a selfie, place it on the card and it’s done: you made a Hero card: it’s stronger than other cards and it will not be affected by any spell! Most important, your face will upset your opponent’s nightmares! Go wild and smite your enemies, have no mercy!

Gwenty gives you a total game experience: you can play offline to unlock the different leaders (4 per faction) and to become used to the game; then when you think you’re ready you can go online and start playing against real adversaries: what’s more funny then defeating a total stranger playing from the other side of the world?
Gwenty is also the only game that will reward you with gems (that you can also buy) when you win online matches! Use gems to draw better cards; complete the collections of all factions, so to build your strategy accurately and change it when needed!
To success in Gwenty you mostly need audacity, courage, unpredictability and to be able to understand what your opponent is going to do. It seems easy, doesn’t it? The problem is that nobody like to lose!

Gwenty is a game where matches last between 3 and 5 minutes each, but the funny is that you don’t have limit to the matches you can play! No energy bar that will empty as long as you play; no need to pay to restore it and play again: no, nothing like that! Just play, play play play play!

Different factions, special skills, heroes, spells, commands armies of 3 categories: a variety that make the game always different and never the same; each deck and each opponent require unique strategies and you’ll never get bored of Gwenty!

You will soon learn that a weather Spell well played can easily change the course of the match; but an hero, on the other side, could restore the previous situation: weather spells in fact do not affect heroes, unless someone also plays the Moon! So – you see – it’s really a varying game, you’ll love it!

Each deck should be built with a clear game plan; each player has its own deck and so each player has its own style; the secret is to be able to build a deck that will let you play exactly the plan you have in mind! That’s where become important having all the cards available so to pick the ones you really need!

Discover all the factions, the unique skills each one has, the four leaders of each faction (a leader has a precise skill or spell able to boost your score during a match); a big variety of opportunities, that we are going to increase every time we can, so to give you the biggest game experience possible.

Gwenty | Be a Hero!


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