PowerDownloads is the ultimate Download Manager!

What exactly is PowerDownloads?
A simple, modern and easy to use application to download every kind of file and content from the web. It will let you surf all around the web and go to your beloved websites with the embedded browser, but also intercept and open links from other browsers / applications you use.
As we say, download at the speed of.. an Ostrich!

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KEY FEATURESpowerdownloads_ico_192x192

  • faster downloads thanks to our multi threading system (till a max of 8 segments/parts)
  • look at videos and listen to audio files before the downloads end! (HOT HOT!!)
  • download in background while you do something else
  • pause downloads when you want and restart them later
  • resume downloads even when their links are expired, dead (as it happens to all links from the main free web hostings) (HOT!!)
  • powerful and secure embedded internet browser with Bookmarks, History, autocomplete, etc (HOT!!)
  • intercept links and web searches from external browsers, third parties applications and clipboard
  • a modern and up to date look based on the new Material Style from Google (but providing full support to “older” Android versions)
  • a lot of themes to pick from! A lot of funny animals to choose as mascot
  • active and completed download notifications, customizable with Sound, vibration, LED
  • the best third parties and updated WebView, that let you download all contents from the web (older Android versions DO NOT give access to many contents: our customs WebView DO): take a look at the PowerBrowser settings (HOT HOT!!)
  • AdBlock powerful embedded system and confirmation on suspect links…

and much more!!

PowerDownloads is available for free and it has advertising banner; you have the option to customize what kind of advertisement you prefer: small banners in the lower part of main screen (always there in Queued and Finished) or full screen banner (very seldom);
• the NoAds package remove every kind of advertisement
• provides you exclusive support via WhatsApp or Skype (or eMail, social networks, etc)

The Premium package:
• remove every kind of advertisement from the app
• unlock the maximum number of file to download at the same time
• unlock our powerful and exclusive ADBlock system, removes annoying advertisement and block deceptive pop-ups during the web surfing; more, it block access to tracing untrusted systems
• unlock all themes available
• provides you exclusive support via WhatsApp or Skype (or eMail, social networks, etc)
• unlock all future options and features

• Tap on filename to start/stop downloading a file
• Tap on the card to open video and audio files before downloads end!, so to start to looking at and listen to them quite immediately
• Long Tap on filename to delete download (after confirmation)
• Long Tap on the card to select it and to use multi selection tool with commands like Delete,Start, Stop

zer0lab.developers does NOT collect any information about what users do with this application, but it encourage everyone to respect copyrights!



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