An alarm clock is not just a beep in the morning: it's on the contrary the first thing we are aware when we wake up in the morning; that's the main concept we had while projecting and developing zZzAlarm. We wanted it to be able to not just ring and play a sound but also to the main needs you may have; it had to be clean, nice and fully customize, but without useless and confusing frills: a Swiss knife alarm clock, that's what we did!

And here you go with weather based alarms, so you can tell the alarm to sound sooner or later in relation to the weather itself; alarm sound that can be whatever you love most: video YouTube or local ones, WebRadio from everywhere on the world, music form your device and also the usual jingles; latest news from your preferred RSS feeds, notes and lists you saved before go to sleep, horoscope, fortune cookies, vocal alarms, etc etc... a lot of useful things!

We did zZzAlarm that way because for us an alarm clock is not just a beep in the morning! If that still sounds weird to you, come trying our app!

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Hey you!, watch out: you are going to discover a new amazing way to think at your alarm clock and start your journey like a boss: we called it zZzAlarm!

It features: local or YouTube videos, weather, different alarms modes to set up depending to the weather itself, custom PreAlarm, ultra alarm tone, horoscope, voice recognition for snooze & stop, Text To Speech, RSS Feeds, fortunes, vocal notes and more and more…

zZzAlarm is the smartest alarm clock: no other app on the Google Play Store™ is able to do what it does, every day, for you!
We always try to improve your experience with our application, so please stay in touch with us through our social accounts or our blog and let us know what you would like to see into the app!



You can now wake up you showing your favorite YouTube video, searching an artist, song or words.
Still better, you can also select part of a video and set it as tone. Just choose it!


zZzAlarm checks the weather to wake when you really need; you’ll be able to make the alarm sound only if particular weather conditions are met (sunny, cloudy, rain and snow) or wake up sooner / later depending by the occurrence of any of these. You can also assign a specific ringtone to a weather condition. (TRIAL)


Enable PreAlarm to wake up better; with this feature you can find the REM stage during your sleep to wake up rested. (PRO)


Are you afraid of not hearing the alarm and do not wake up? Activates the SuperAlarm and forget about that!


Wake up with your horoscope and find out what awaits you in the day.


Don’t need no more to enable many alarms at same time, fearing to stop it by mistake: show the STOP buttons only after a while!


Use a word or phrase you like to snooze or stop your alarm.


It’s possible to let the device read any information that the alarm shows. You can also add custom sentences, weather, time and many more.


Talk to your device and tell him what kind of note to remember and not worry about, no more overcooked foods or missed appointments!


Enable this plugin to have a proverb at every alarm, a fortune cookie and a Kamasutra position, a possible idea if you wake up in good company. (TRIAL)


° fade in ringtone: choose how much time for a gentle wake up;
° snooze/stop by shaking the device;
° read your favorite news through RSS;
° Post-it: read and edit post-it on your alarm;
° fully customizable skins: create, share and download themes;
° still more!

zZzAlarm is not just another alarm clock application!

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